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Propane is a safe, clean, versatile fuel.

Propane is a clean energy solution. It is a low carbon energy source that can produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel, gasoline, and electricity in a wide range of applications. Better yet, it is a domestic energy, with more than 90 percent of U.S. propane supplies produced here in the United States. The propane industry is passionate about being a leader in clean energy across the U.S.




Keep Full/Automatic Delivery

For those who would like to be more hands free. We will monitor your propane levels and deliver as needed. Balances need to be current to stay on this program.

Will Call
For those who prefer to monitor their tank themselves. Give us a call each time you would like a delivery. The best tim
e to call us is when your tank has about 20-30% left in it. (If you choose this option and your tank runs out, requiring an emergency delivery, we have the right to charge an emergency and leak test fee). 

Summer Fill
Generally, this is the lowest price per gallon for a propane fill. If you are on our keep full program, we will automatically do a summer fill for you to ensure you are able to take advantage of this low price and are prepared for the next heating season.


In most cases, Fauskee Oil owns and maintains the tank, and we are the only company that can deliver propane and do maintenance on this tank. If you do happen to own your own tank, we would be more than happy to provide you with propane.



Fauskee Oil offers the option to contract propane for the winter heating season.  If you would like to get a contract letter, please contact us at 320-346-2479.

Prepay in Full
Prepay in full for anticipated gallons at the fixed price per gallon.

Prepay 10 cents per gallon down
Prepay $0.10 per gallon for anticipated gallons at the fixed price per gallon.

Monthly Budget Payment
Tailored to anticipated gallons and the time frame of monthly payments at a fixed price.



For information on Propane Safety, visit the following link...


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